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Some little things for and about the Sims 2.

So, first of all : Disclaimer
This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

Policy :

The usual : do whatever you want but no pay site, and please respect the policies of creators whom I've used the work.
It would be nice to give me a link of what you do so I can download it too.

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.

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My Tumblr
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Trashy copypasta from various origins, in order to keep track.

Hairs in Pooklet's neons )

LeanBB Meshing project, base on a shape by Marvine, BeosBoxBoy, and SynapticSim.

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Hey, in case you didn't know, I'm still active, I just spend all my time at Tumblr now.
Was idly thinking about waking up this blog, but I keep being busy with other stuffs... Anyway, with the event of Sim File Share, I'm in the process of adding additional fresh links to my downloads (still a work in progress!!) on my Tumblr posts, and I guess I'll update the posts here afterward.
By the time I'll get something fancier done, you can find everything here.

I'm also working on new CC, have a little view.

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Just a small warning regarding my Tumblr account, which have been probably hacked. I've contacted the tumblr support and I'm waiting for them to deal with the issue.
Meanwhile, if any of you suffer from porn or adds spamming or anything stupid, I do apologize.

Take care.

I guesse I went all paranoid on this one. Malevolent typo is just typo. But I freaked out when it told me that my email account was not in the database. Anyway, fixed now thans to Beth from the tumblr support, and in less than 24 hours.
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Sorry dudes!! I've completely forgotten about this, so here it is!

Recolors of Heart of the Forest/Maleficas requested by Artimis. You've got 55 colors combos. I've used the original as well as the Nabila's recolors to get this done. So credits goes to her as long as to Sherahbim (without forgetting iamliz13 for the mesh). Mesh is included and the recolors are compressorized.

More pics and a download )

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I've been spoiled by 12Raben and Cheshirekat, so I can set up my neighborhood in elven style.
Have a look at this wonderful lots : here, here, here, here and here.

As a side note, thanks to Jessy (always a source of inspiration), I now have a tumblr (which is not quite finished to be set up yet). I'll post pictures of my neighborhood and my pseudo legacy under those two tags : legacy hood & legacy.

On another point, if you think it would be crazy awesome to have pookleted fur for pets, please express your interest for the request, so it doesn't appear like something nobody would care. The request at GOS have already been deleted.
Request at the Plumb Bob Keep

I've also upload recolors of Maleficas/Heart of the Forest at Plumb Bob Keep, if you're interested. I'll upload them a little later here.

Thanks for reading!!!

Help still

Aug. 20th, 2011 09:43 pm
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I've modified the pics of this post. Can you please tell me if they are showing up correctly and if they link to bigger pics properly?

Thanks for help by the way, Aweeshie and Faechangeling!
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My first hair retexture. Not a great piece of art and an old mesh, but on the other hand you get 70 colors and a remasterized mesh. I've animated slightly the mesh (very slightly, as a result you'll probably only see it in CAS). Last but not least, I've managed to get rid of the strange shadow in the bang, through some work because of mapping madness in the export process. For the sake of curiosity, see here and here what it looks like when a polygone is mapped on the surface of one pixel square. Now even light colors look nice on this mesh. Unfortunately, all the previews were taken before this major improvement, and you can only check here and here that I'm not a blatant liar.

70 Pooklet V3 colors . Compressorized. Young Adult to Elders. Mesh included (Obviously).
Mesh credits : Atlaua (SimsRubicon)
Textures and colors credits : Pooklet

Pretty pictures and Download )

Have fun!
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This post will be the home of creating ressources. Mainly textures ressources, but not only. Extracted things, things I've created, recolors.
Or simply projects I've started but seriously doubt I'll have time to finished. So I'll release all this to the wild. This post is intended to be updated more or less regularly. Please feel free to use as you wish (no pay sites though). I'll be happy to see what you'll make with it.

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My second contribution to the month's theme at GOS. Made possible with the help of Lady Lama and the Plumb Bob Keep's support. Thank you all!!!

This will replace the weather satellite with Blacky's Sims Zoo anvil. So your sims will now die because anvils fall from the sky.

I also want to thank Aquilegia for rambling about that idea in the Custom Content pet peeves thread.

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This is my first object, so feel free to poke me if you have criticism or suggestion.

This object is intend for taking sims previews, and probably not full body previews.
I like the idea of MixedUp background (shared by Simgaroop here) and its facility of utilisation, but I was in love with Nabila's murals. So I tried to mix the two. I first intended to remap the original background but finally I remeshed it.
I would like to thank Eva and TheRaven for their help with cloning.

Download and pics... )

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I've seen this yesterday and it annoyed me to no end so you've got this tutorial.

What do you need ? : SimPE

Do you need Blender for this tutorial? : Nope

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In order to centralize everything, I'm posting here my entry to the GOS fantasy/magic month's theme.

God Save Us from the Queen

More this way... )

Pictures credits : CaptainObvious (Thank you, really)

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Trapping made a wonderful female to male conversion of Rose 111, and she smartly chose to use with it the pooklet retextures made by Iosaur for the female version. And I used those same textures to recolor the mesh in unnaturals.
And, last but not least, Trapping also made the lovely previews. Trapping, you rock!!

24 Pooklet neons. Compressorized. Todlers to Elders. Mesh included.
Mesh credits : Trapping, Rose
Textures and colors credits : Iosaur, Pooklet

Pictures credits : Trapping
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Simplicity Itself by Almighty Hat, on Helga 86 hair mesh, in unnaturals. I like this hair so much and I was so glad when Hat pookleted this one! Again available because of the previews made by Trapping, thanks to her!!

23 Pooklet neons (except Time Bomb, done by Hat and included). Compressorized. Teen to Elders. Mesh included.
Mesh credits : Helga
Textures and colors credits : Helga, Fantasy Rogue, Pooklet, Almighty Hat

Pictures credits : Trapping
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Almighty Hat's Chevalier hair in unnaturals, thanks to her and her generous policy (and to Trapping for the pics!!). The hair is on a basegame female hair, converted to male by Melodie9.

23 Pooklet neons (except Time Bomb, done by Hat and included). Compressorized. Toddler to Elders. Mesh included.
Mesh credits : Melodie9
Textures and colors credits : Nouk, Almighty Hat, Pooklet

Pictures credits : Trapping

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Curtain Camouflage

The wonderful La Esmeralda by Hat, now in Neons.

23 Pooklet neons (except Time Bomb, done by Hat and included). Compressorized. Todlers to Elders. Mesh included.
Mesh credits : Myos
Textures and colors credits : Alkaloid, Almighty Hat, Pooklet
And thanks again to Trapping!!

Pictures credits : Trapping
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Life is buzy now and it's has become harder to find some motivation. So I was wondering if some of you would like to help me to finish my meshes. It's about adding fat and pregmorph. It's not the trickiest part of meshing but it still takes time, a time I'd rather use to make new meshes.
So, if you're interested in expanding the male wardrobe (especially LBB), if you're an activist of A Mesh Must Have A Preg And A Fat Morph, or if you just think it could be a fine training for tuning your meshing skills, please leave a comment or PM me at Garden Of Shadows.

I'm also willing to "give something back," my other obsession being a quite one, id est Pooklet's colors (especially unnaturals). If you want to expand an uncomplete set, or if you could make volatile retextures, but you can't use Pooklet's colors actions for a reason or another, same as above, leave a comment or PM me at Garden Of Shadows. I assure I'll be delighted to help you.

+ pics under the cut )
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Trapping has been kind enough to make me a few pictures, so you get hairs!!

Here is a male mesh by Nouk, pookleted by [personal profile] hat_plays_sims here. You have two versions, the original Dashing Rogue, and the alpha edit by Cheryl Mason, Presentable.
Credits go to Nouk, Pooklet, Cheryl Mason and Almighty Hat.
23 unnaturals colors (minus Time Bomb, already done by Hat). Compressorized. Teen to Elders.

The beautiful pictures by Trapping :

More pics and download )


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